Durham, OK ZIP Code

Zip code of Durham, Oklahoma
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Zip codes of Durham by streets
StreetZIP CodeZIP+4 Code
E 740 RD73642
E 780 RD73642
E 790 RD73642
E 800 RD73642
E 809 RD73642
E 810 RD73642
E 820 RD73642
E 840 RD73642
E 850 RD73642
E 875 RD73642
E 876 RD73642
N 1680 RD73642
N 1690 RD73642
N 1700 RD73642
N 1720 PL73642
N 1720 RD73642
N 1722 RD73642
N 1730 RD73642
N 1740 RD73642
N 1745 RD73642
N 1750 RD73642
N 1760 RD73642
N 1770 RD73642
N 1775 RD73642
HIGHWAY 3073642
HIGHWAY 3373642
E MAIN ST73642

Coordinates 35.842, -99.9248
Timezone America/Chicago, UTC -6
Elevation 753m

Durham Envelope Example

On the bottom center of the envelope, write the address you want your letter delivered to. Include the following on separate lines:

  1. Recipient's full name
  2. Full street address
  3. City, State, and ZIP Code

Using the same format, write the return address in the top left corner.

Using the full ZIP+4 Code when mailing via the USPS ensures the fastest, most accurate mailing possible. If you are not sure of the full 9-digit ZIP Code, use the 5-digit ZIP Code to avoid loss of letter or package.
The recipient address information is provided for your reference.
The recipient address information is provided for your reference.

Address example

7829 N 1720 RD
DURHAM OK  73642-4248
8068 N 1720 RD
DURHAM OK  73642-4262
8256 N 1730 RD
DURHAM OK  73642-4234
8018 N 1750 RD
DURHAM OK  73642-4247
17795 E 875 RD
DURHAM OK  73642-4205
17740 E 875 RD
DURHAM OK  73642-4205

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